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Congrats Eva!

A big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to my good friend Eva, who is getting married this weekend.  In Amsterdam!!

We were thrilled to design and print Eva and Theo’s invitations – two versions, actually.  One in English and one in Dutch!  We think they’re pretty sharp, even if we can’t read them.

I wish I could be at the wedding, but instead I’ll be up E A R L Y on Saturday morning to watch Eva and Theo tie the knot through video streaming via the world wide web.  Isn’t that cool!?  Thanks for thinking of all of us back home, Eva!  And, I promise, I’m dressing up.  Wearing my pearls.


Miss you, and our fun times together!  I’m praying for sunny skies in the Netherlands on Saturday!

♥ Carrie

The Weddin' Season is a Comin'

It’s that time of the year.  Spring weddings are right around the corner, and preparations are being made.  We’ve printed our share of wedding invitations, and it is always nice to be able to help out on someone’s big day!

This time it is extra special.  Some wedding invitations for a cousin that is near and dear to the heart, but far away on the map.  Thank goodness she’s comin’ home to Missouri to tie the knot.


Anne and Dan's Wedding Invitations

Here are some lovely wedding invites that we designed ourselves and printed for the charming Anne and Dan.

We printed these on the 220 lb Crane’s Lettra…it’s like buttah. They’re our favorite invitation job by far.

They had a small breakfast wedding complete with seersucker and coffee cake! How sweet!

Remember that flower from my sketchbook? (It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, you can probably just scroll down, but here’s the link just in case)

People, I have so much in the hopper that I can’t tell you about just yet. I will say this: I have a HUGE order from a large national retailer that I’m trying to get done, and I also have a licensing deal for some of my artwork. And a bit of personal news as well…but it will all have to wait.

This week is QUILTFEST! I need a jump in the lake like nobody’s business. I will definitely be posting about that when I get back. Bear with me!