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Scenes From the Weekend

We hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day, and that you found a way to show your thanks to all of the past and present service men and women in your lives!

We definitely took advantage of the long weekend to recuperate from the past few weeks of craziness and travel. Rest and relaxation sure is important! Our weekends were full of lots of time with family and friends, playing in the creek, eating bar-b-que, watching a few big thunderstorms roll in, visiting some vintage WWII aircraft, and one unexpected and highly thrilling airplane ride!


:: Carrie ::


Have a Great Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you have a great weeknd.  Make sure to take some time to relax and enjoy the first official weekend of summer!  Here’s some things that caught our attention this week…

We have a world class vet school in Columbia, but oops, a steer escaped and ran around town for a while.

LOVE this illustrated poster of the Beatles by Max Dalton

A musical adaptation of “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, the life story of Loretta Lynn, is coming to Broadway…and Zooey Deschanel will be playing the title role!  We’re gonna have to go see that!

Ooo.  That’s pretty.  We’d like to shop there.

Well, LeBron, you did it.  Congrats.


Happy Weekend!



Have a great weekend everyone! What are your plans?

I can’t wait to celebrate our 100th Homecoming this weekend at Ol’ Mizzou! A few of our BEST friends are back in town for the festivities. My favorite parts? The parade, and the big game on Saturday afternoon at Faurot Field. Go Tigers!


:: Carrie ::